What are we up to?...


Byo cup or have one of ours!

As well as stocking a range of new re-usable cups for you to purchase for your drink...we now also offer Free Ceramic mugs!! Yay! These are yours to use and keep if you so desire.

With the support of our community, these mugs have been donated to us...helping us reduce the use of papercups!

Coffee tastes better our of earthenware anyway!


Get in touch if you have any abandoned mugs/cups in your pantry and would like to donate them!

Follow our #saveacup campaign.

Farewell Plastic Bottles!!

Executive decision...

We no loner associate ourselves with Plastic Bottles!! (ahh that felt good!!)

No longer will we be selling water in single use bottles.

Our alternative is providing you with Fresh Daylesford Region Spring Water... in a reusable adorable GLASS bottle! Refills are always welcome!


Get in touch if you would like a bottle of your own Pookie May Teardrops.